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10 Things That Can Happen to Your Body If You Eat One Cup of Chickpeas Every Day

10 Things That Can Happen to Your Body If You Eat One Cup of Chickpeas Every Day

Chickpeas are one of the earliest cultivated legumes, dating back to the pre-pottery Neolithic B period. They are аrich source of fiber, contain healthy fats, carbs, and many other vitamins and minerals. Chickpeas are also high in protein, so they can be аgreat meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians. This legume is actually the key ingredient in hummus, аpopular Levantine dip!

We at Bright Side have found 10 ways your body can benefit from chickpeas and it may make you want to incorporate them into your diet!

1. Weight loss

Protein and fiber in chickpeas can slow down digestion and give you аfeeling of fullness. They also help reduce appetite and food intake which can lead to weight loss.

2. Healthier bones

Chickpeas are аgood source of manganese, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins K and A. All of these are important for bone growth, bone mineralization, and the production of collagen.

3. Better skin

Vitamins C, E, and K present in chickpeas are important for skin health. They help heal wounds, eliminate wrinkles, prevent dry skin, and protect against sun damage.

4. Lower blood sugar levels

Chickpeas are high in fiber and protein. They help prevent our blood sugar levels from rising too quickly after eating, which is also important for managing diabetes. Several minerals, like magnesium and zinc, can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

5. Better digestion

Dietary fiber also helps improve digestion, decrease the risks of irritable bowel syndrome, and prevent constipation.

6. Reduced blood pressure and improved heart health
Magnesium and potassium can help prevent high blood pressure. This can minimize the chance of suffering from аstroke or heart attack. The soluble fiber has been shown to reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (or “bad” cholesterol) levels, which is also good for heart health.

7. Better hair growth

Protein, vitamins A and B, and other nutrients present in chickpeas can help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

8. Improved eye health

Chickpeas contain the vitamin A precursor, β-carotene. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps reduce the risk of eye-related diseases and prevents them.

9. Improved brain function

Choline, which is found in chickpeas, is linked to enhanced cognitive performance, including better memory and processing.

10. Protection against cancer

Chickpeas might help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. The production of butyrate, which has the potential to reduce inflammation in colon cells, might help decrease the risk of colon cancer. Chickpeas also contain saponins, which help inhibit tumor growth. Some other vitamins and minerals, like B vitamins, can help reduce the risk of breast and lung cancer.
Do you know any tasty chickpeаrecipes? Please share them with everyone in the comments!

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