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A Simple Trick That Will Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure in Just One Minute

A Simple Trick That Will Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure in Just One Minute

High blood pressure is something you don’t need to suffer from any longer when you don’t have the medication available, with a simple aid of a pen in a way an acupuncturist would use a needle. You get nearly immediate result that will give you enough time to get medical help if needed, which makes it an absolute winner all-round.

We at Bright Side are always open for alternative ways to stay healthy and can’t wait to share with our readers this simple but effective trick. Don’t miss our bonus, it may fix your high blood pressure issue for good.
High blood pressure might not be that easy to notice, some people may not even be aware that they have the issue. Doctors even call it a “silent killer” because the consequences are very serious, but the problem develops slowly over time, the symptoms are common to many other conditions, and it’s very possible to just simply miss it.

1 Symptoms
Let’s have a look at some symptoms:

Headaches. The interesting fact is that people with chronic hypertension often don’t experience headaches at all. But sudden spikes in blood pressure increase the pressure in the head causing a very sharp headache, the doctors call it “hypertensive crisis.” Sudden spikes also often cause nosebleeds.
Blood spots in the eyes and vision problems. The experts believe that high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels in the retina, a tiny layer at the back of the eyeball where images get focused. It may cause bleeding, which can be noticed as blood spots and potential vision issues.
Pounding in ears and chest. If you experience the pounding in your ears and chest after serious exercise, that’s very normal and will go back normal as soon as your heart rate goes back to its resting level. However, if these symptoms appear suddenly and for no obvious reason, you should probably check it out.

2 Consequences
The consequences of untreated hypertension are highly serious and could end up with conditions like stroke, heart failure, and dementia. While it’s not always easy to notice the emerging problem, it’s very easy to take your blood pressure. Most of the drug stores have the right equipment for it, just get in the habit of checking it every now and then. Alternatively, just get a portable blood pressure reader and monitor it that way.

3 Understand the reading
The chart above will show you where your reading should be because it differs depending on gender and age. However, the important part is that you regularly monitor it to see if the number changes over time.

4 A trick to lower your blood pressure
This pressure point is good to know about and it’s very easy to find it. It’s located on the tip of the middle finger on both hands. Press on it with a pen and hold for at least one minute to lower your blood pressure and get relief. Keep in mind that this is not a cure for chronic high blood pressure, it’s more an emergency first aid trick when you don’t have your medication available.

5 Bonus: Lower your blood pressure in 2 minutes

Another pressure point that can make a massive difference in your well-being is located on both feet. Slide your finger along the line between the big toe and second toe. The point is situated in the depression just before your finger reaches the bone. Apply deep pressure for 3 seconds, then rest for 5 seconds. Repeat the massage for 2 minutes, then do the same thing on the other foot.

Do you know other effective ways to lower blood pressure? Write about it in the comment section below and spread this useful information with all of our readers.

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