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How Much Does the Medifast Diet should Cost you-control the cost!

I often hear from folks who are a little bit confused as to the actual and complete cost of the Medifast diet.
They often want to know what is the price of the prepackaged meals that they buy from the company, as well as the cost of any groceries that are going to be needed.
In the following article, I will try to explain how much you’d expect to pay if you signed up to begin the diet today.

The Cost Of Medifast’s Most Popular Plan:

 For purposes of keeping things simple, I’m going to be talking about the women’s five plus one plan, because this is by far the most popular plan.
Please note that the pricing occasionally changes, but as of this writing, the current price of the four week plan is $315 dollars.
This is without the use of coupons.

Determining If The Price Is Fair: 

So how do you determine if this is a decent price? And, what do you get for that amount of money? You get 143 meals which is enough for you to eat five of the prepackaged meals every day for four weeks, plus three bonus meals left over.
This works out to a little more than $10 per day for five meals, which is a little over $2 per meal.

Taking Advantage Of Coupons:

I think that this is pretty reasonably, but there are also often coupons available which can bring this costs down just a little bit more.

Considering The Cost Of Groceries: 

One final consideration that you will need to include is the cost of your groceries.
You are asked to provide a main meal each day called the “lean and green meal.
” If you like to cook, there are a lot of recipes that make this easy.
Also, I’ve found that I can often modify what I am already feeling my family in order to make it work for me.
In that way, I am not really spending much additional money on my groceries.
Because I am already buying those groceries anyway to make dinner for my family.

However, even if you aren’t already cooking for someone and will have to buy extra groceries for your lean and green meal, I would think that you could buy groceries for the lean and green meal for less than $4 per meal or about $30 per week.
They are really only asking for lean protein and three servings of vegetables.
I’d like to make one final point.
You are never charged per pound nor is there any fee to be a part of Medifast.
You only pay for your food.
Counseling and support is completely free.
They do sell the foods individually and there is even a two week plan which costs around $165.
But the cheapest way to go is often the four week package because you can use the coupons with it.

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