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  • 1). Search for a site that hosts free scary sounds, and download a high-pitched sound like a scream.

  • 2). Search for scary images online, like a distorted face or a monster. Additionally, search for a short video that contains something that will captivate your viewer’s attention, such as an image with a hidden image, a movie clip or an optical illusion. Download the video and image once you find suitable ones.

  • 3). Open the video editing software and create a new project. Add the video to the new project.

  • 4). Insert the scary image directly following the video clip in your movie project.

  • 5). Add the scary sound so it aligns with the scary face or monster image only. Turn up the volume up to maximum on the scary sound.

  • 6). Save your project under an innocuous name, and send it to your friends.

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