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How to prepare your home for sale when you have animals?

Animals are increasingly becoming a valuable part of property marketing, with agencies now using dogs in their material.
In Australia, we clearly have a love for dogs, but as lovely as they are, you don’t want to buy a house that stinks like any kind of animal.

My suggestion is to ditch all signs of animal life when marketing. It may be tricky, but worth it to show your property in the best light.

Pet problems
Generally speaking, during viewings you don’t want pets there. There’s no hard and fast rule, but if you think about people who may have allergies coming to view your home, you could potentially lose a sale.

The one problem a lot of people have is what to actually do with their pets during an open for inspection. Getting them off-site is tricky, but going the extra mile can enable someone to really take in your property without worrying about the cat on the bed or the barking dog behind the gate.

Putting your animals around the side of the house is still too much… because even if a buyer loves your dog, they’ll be focusing on him and not the home!

What you can show
However, being selective about what you do show can be to your advantage. If you have a really stylish dog basket in your laundry, make sure it’s clean.

Dog bowls – once again if stylish and clean – can stay, as long as it makes your pet look like it never puts a paw wrong.

Guinea pigs or snakes in cages tucked away in the garage are usually no problem, as well. Keep them somewhat hidden (and secured!) and you won’t have to worry too much.

Pets and tenants
If you’re selling an investment property and your tenants have pets, you do have to come to terms with the fact that you can’t control the situation.

You can’t expect tenants to put themselves out for you, but if you’re desperate, perhaps offering them something like a voucher or discounted rent could sweeten the deal.

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