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When you are determining how to sleep with women, build your words up progressively. Don’t immediately go from safe talk to dirty talk. Everything should flow smoothly. Once your girl begins accepting some of what you are saying, move slowly up the ladder to arouse her more with more effective wording.

SHOW YOUR INTENT to have sex with a woman

This will eventually lead to dirty talk and some commands, and the type of sexual talk found in foreplay and then sex. The techniques for this transition are a key to how to sleep with women. You need to understand when to use what type of language. This is fairly basic, and there are other techniques than these, but they will give you a start toward building her arousal.


State your intent, first off. Intent statements are some of the best tactical tools you have. Statements of intent are rather self-explanatory. You’ll give her an idea of what you plan to have happen in your interaction with her. Whether you are planning to kiss her, arouse her or determine how to sleep with women in this case, tell her. Let her know you think that she’s sexy and hot. Those are valid statements of intent. You can also use these statements on the back of compliments. For example, you might say “You’re a fun girl to talk to, and I mean that sincerely, even though I am trying to get in your pants”.


The part about “getting in your pants” is the intent part of that statement. If you’re not feeling that bold, tell your girl you are thinking about hitting on her, or kissing her.

Talk dirty

Anything that you wish to convey that you want to do to your girl, you can use a statement of intent, and you can do those things once you get some attraction signs, which can lead into how to sleep with women. Once you qualify her a bit, if she’s answering your questions without giving you any problems, then statements of intent will give her a good idea that you’re very interested in her. Let her know you don’t want just a friend, or someone to shop with, and not as a one time sex partner that she may forget about, later.

talk to girl for the first time

The statement of intent, then, gives your girl a good idea of what you would like to see happen in your future. They are usually phrased in the future tense. You don’t want to tell her that you only want this one thing now, but that you are looking forward to it in the future, as well.

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