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Birthday parties offer a time for the guest of honor to display her own personal style in the party food, decor, and location. If you’re having a birthday soon and want to decorate your party space with burgundy and white, look for a number of items and choose a design scheme that will make the celebration look as elegant or playful as you want.

Table Decorations

Alternate between burgundy and white tablecloths for the birthday celebration. Use burgundy stain ribbon to drape around the tables that have white tablecloths, and vice versa. Add confetti to the table in the opposite color of the tablecloth; choose confetti that embodies the theme of your party, such as the numbers of your age, or symbols of your favorite things, like flowers or high-heeled shoes. Use alternating charger plates for your place settings–white or ivory chargers will stand out against a burgundy tablecloth, and the bold burgundy will add a pop of color to a classic white tablecloth. Tie large burgundy or white satin or tulle bows around each chair, to complement the tablecloth color.

Flowers and Candles

Feature large candles in the number of your age on the table where the food will be served, or at each table. Surround the candles with burgundy synthetic flowers like calla lilies or boat orchids, but keep the flowers a safe distance from the candles if you plan on lighting the candles during the birthday celebration. Place large bouquets of dark red roses in giant white vases, and place a vase in each corner of the room. Enlarge photos of attractive red or burgundy flowers like peonies or dahlias, and attach the photos to the walls to bring out the burgundy color of the rest of the decor. Use clear glass vases for the table centerpieces, and add floating candles to the water in white or burgundy. Light the candles during the birthday dinner to give the party dim lighting that will highlight your table accents.

Balloons and Streamers

Attach streamers to the corners of the walls, so that they will form a small arch. Tie white and burgundy streamers together to further display the party’s color theme. Tape white and burgundy balloons to the ends of the streamers, or use small balloons in your color scheme to make balloon bouquets for display; place the bouquets in small white or burgundy gift bags, and position them on the table where food is served, or on the gift table. Oversized Mylar balloons in burgundy and white will make the party space especially festive as well. Choose balloons in your favorite shapes, such as hearts or stars, and secure them with balloon weights in various areas of the room.

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