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360-Degree Rotating Faucet

360-Degree Rotating Faucet

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360-Degree Rotating Faucet

Universal rotation, dual-modes water outlet. Make your cleaning more convenient!

Main Features

    • ✅ 1080 degree rotation: Rotate the water outlet 1080 degrees, it is more convenient to clean the face and gargle! If your faucet has internal threads, you can use the included adapter to connect it.
    • ✅ Various uses: Universal 360-degree rotating faucet has two modes of enhanced nozzles. The water jet is convenient for daily washing, and the shower water makes the face and head pressure-free. The 20cm long water pipe allows a wider range of water, and children can wash their hands and face by themselves.
      • ✅ Export-grade quality: Robust ABS copper body, with super durability and service life. Reinforced O-ring can prevent leakage. Adjustable cold and hot water, easy to control; high-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, smooth hand feeling, high quality.

    • ✅ Environmental protection: Universal 360-degree rotating faucet saves water and is good for the environment. Compared with standard faucets, the use of rotatable faucets can save 30-70% of water consumption, thereby reducing energy costs.

✅ Safe and user-friendly design: The attached ABS filter bubbler, healthy water filtration, so that you can use water more at ease. This product is guaranteed to satisfy your customers or employees. Suitable for household sinks, bathtubs, restaurants, laundry rooms, and backyards.


Item Type: Sink Faucet
Material: Alloy
Colour: Silver, Black, Gold
Product Size: 37 × 23 × 8cm / 14.6 × 9.1 × 3.1inches
Weight: 1155g

Package Includes:

1 x 360-Degree Rotating Faucet

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