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Car Window Breaker

Car Window Breaker

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Car Window Breaker

Emergency Car Window Glass Breaker

Emergency Break Hammer is a Must for your car! This life-saving gadget has the power to get you out of trouble when you need it most. Its base design, so the above product is a solid fixed with, even if the car bumps will not fall, and when required, can be very easily removed. Suitable for private cars, cars, trains, buses, trucks, ships, and other modes of transport!

Seat Belt Cutter: Pull off the lid by holding the string, aim the notch at the side of the seat belt and slice through to cut off.

Window-breaking hammer: Pull off the lid and easily break the glass by smashing at the four window corners.

The classic black color and simple shape design build a fashionable appearance, which is convenient for you to carry as a decoration or key chain pendant.
Rapid escape by breaking the window in one second !!!


Item Type: Car Window Breaker
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: Red/Silver/Gray
Size: 10x2x3cm

Package Includes:

1 Car Window Breaker

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