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Hose Pipe Connector

Hose Pipe Connector

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Hose Pipe Connector

  • Easy to connect or disconnect: Easier than using steel clamps, No wrench is needed to tight the steel clamps. Hand-tight is enough.
  • Shock-Resistant and Stretch-Resistant: They can withstand up to 200lbs crush force easily,won't break thanks to a solid frame. The hoses connected together can hold up to 50lbs without slipping off.
  • Multi-Purpose: They can be used to repair leaking hose. Just cut off the broken part and connect the left two hose ends together. They can also be used to extend the hose.
  • RETURN or REFUND: If you ordered the wrong size, or for any other reason you are not satisfied, please let us know and we will help you RETURN or REFUND.


Item Type: Hose Pipe Connector
Material: ABS
Color: Yellow+Black
Max Outer Diameter: 31mm/1.22inch
Height: 45mm/1.77inch
Pacifier Interface: 16.5mm/0.65inch
Threaded Interface: 19mm/0.75inch

Package Includes:

1 x Hose Pipe Connector
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