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Instant Cooler Cup

Instant Cooler Cup

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Instant Cooler Cup


  • INSTANT COOLER: Instant Cooler Cup adopts an advanced refrigeration chip, the cup cooler can cool the drink to -2℃ – 5℃ in 16 mins, 5 times faster than a refrigerator. The instant cooling cooler can lower the temperature of the metal base to 20℃ within the 30s.
  • EASY TO USE: Two cooling methods, sinking and reversing. Just pour the beverage into the aluminum cup or put the drink bottle directly into the aluminum cup. Please attention that adding some water if you put the drink bottle directly into the aluminum cup.
  • SILENT AND ENERGY SAVING: Built-in silent machine, it is no noise, it won’t bother you when you use it at home. It has a sunken design to prevent cold air spilling and energy saving.
  • APPLICABLE PLACE: Suitable for many places and drinks, suitable for families, houses, bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants, parties, buffets, and so on. Provides longer cooling for whiskey, cocktails, drinks, ice cream, yogurt, juice, etc. And enjoy cool anytime, anywhere.


Material: Aluminium, ABS
Color: White
Voltage frequency: 220V ~ 50Hz
Capacity: 420ml
Cup diameter: 70mm
Weight: 600g
Size: 12*16*9cm 


1 x Instant Cooler Cup

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