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Silicone Stretch Lids

Silicone Stretch Lids

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Silicone Stretch Lids

    Dishwasher Safe & Plastic Wrap Replacement

    These thick silicone coverings are tear- and warp-resistant. They are simple to use, reusable, and safe for the dishwasher and freezer. They significantly reduce plastic waste and are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap, plastic bags, and traditional containers.

      • Practical and easy to handle - Pure silicone substance. These silicone lids fit directly over bowls, jar lids, and hot food items, allowing you to avoid transferring containers. Due to the nature of the silicone material, ensure that your hands, the outer edge of the bowl, and the silicone covers are completely dry (NO OIL OR WATER) during operation to prevent slippage. It cannot accommodate sharp items.
      • Safe & Healthy Material - These silicone stretch lids are produced from food-grade silicone, so they are safe for human consumption.
      • Include 2pc 9.8'' diameter Size Lids - We provide you with two silicone lids with a 9.8-inch diameter. Our flexible silicone lid is compatible with a wide variety of containers, such as pots, soup bowls, and glass jars. By shifting food to another container, you can save time!
      • 14 piece,7 different sizes - These Silicone storage covers are available in seven diameter sizes (2.6", 3.8", 4.5", 5.7", 6.5", 8.1", and 9.8"). In addition, there is an Arabic digit on each circular Longzon brand lid, so you can quickly determine the size product you need! You do not need to individually select the appropriate size of lids. Attention: Do not exceed the maximum diameter specified in the instructions.


      Item Type: Silicone Lids
      Material: Food Grade Silicone
      Color: White
      Size: 2.6", 3.8", 4.5", 5.7", 6.5", 8.1", and 9.8"


      14 x Silicone Stretch Lids 

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