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Spoon Straw with Filter

Spoon Straw with Filter

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Spoon Straw with Filter

  • Stainless steel drinking straws that are non-toxic, reusable, and environmentally friendly.  
  • Straws made of stainless steel measure around 18 centimeters in length with a smooth surface and a base hole diameter of approximately 1 millimeter. 
  • The double-sided encryption pinhole filter improves the health and ease of drinking tea.
  • These straws are ideal for yerba mate, loose-leaf teas, fresh coffee, pulpy juices, and lemonade, among other beverages; they can also be used as spoons.


Item Type: Spoon Straw
Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Silver
    Straw spoon: 18cm/7.1inch
    Cleaning Brush: 21cm

Package Includes:

  • 6 x Spoon Straw with Filter
  • 2 x Cleaning Brushes
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