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Titan Trash Compactor

Titan Trash Compactor

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Titan Trash Compactor

Intelligent Waste Titan Trash Can Compactor


  • Reduce trash volume by 66% after compaction. 8 gallons (30L) in size, 24 gallons (90L) in capacity when compacted.
  • Take out the trash less often and use fewer liners, saving you time and money.
  • Odor control - An integrated odor filter compartment inside the lid holds replaceable carbon filters.
  • Hygienic and mess-free - Only the inside of the trash bag touches the trash while compacting, leaving you with clean hands and a clean trash can.
  • Won't tear your liners - Titan's anti-tear design won't stretch or pinch the liner. It's compatible with standard plastic liners but extra-strong IW4 custom-fit liners are also available for added peace of mind.
  • Built to last - Titan's compaction system and foot pedal have been tested over 100,000 times to ensure they withstand many years of service. Includes a 10-year guarantee.
  • This allows it to hold up to three times more than a similar-sized household bin which means you empty your bin less often and use fewer liners.


Item Type: Trash Compactor
Material: Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, ABS Plastic, Rubber, Nylon, TPU, POM
Dimensions: 13.5" L x 15.4" W x 26.9" H
Size: 30L (90L Compressed Trash)
Weight: 13.64 pounds


1 x Titan Trash Compactor

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