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Unique Bottle Opener

Unique Bottle Opener

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Unique Bottle Opener

Creative Multi-function Bottle Opener

  • An easy-to-use jar opener is a good helper for your kitchen. Suitable for caps from about 1 inch to 3 inches (25 mm to 75 mm)

  • Multifunctional bottle opener: Grasp and unscrew a stubborn can or plastic bottle, pull out the pull ring, remove the bottle cap, and remove the safety seal

  • Durable and comfortable to hold: the non-slip grip and the screw-on screw cap inside the rubber internal grip make it easy to make a sturdy jar or bottle cap

  • Scientific leverage: input a little force will produce a huge output force, you can unscrew the cover, suitable for weak hands, elderly or arthritic hands, elderly, children

  • Convenient storage: Compact and slim, it can be easily placed in the kitchen drawer or hung on a hook for quick and easy access, small size and lightweight can be put in a bag or hung around the kitchen



    Excel jar/bottle opener is designed for those who have difficulties with opening bottles and jars fitted with screw-on/off caps. The opening allows even the smallest bottles like miniature liquor bottles as well as larger tight pickle jars and other food jars. It makes it easy to open.

    Combining scientific leverage and strong bite force of Grippers, the openers can make varieties of lids remove smoothly with less force and avoid hand injuries, which is specially designed for children teenager adults, seniors with arthritis, or the elderly with low strength. Covering with rubber, the openers increase friction to prevent unintentional slips down when working. Yes, they are practical and convenient for life.


    When installed, the "V" bottom points to the person holding the jar, not the other way around. In this way, one person can get better twisting action with both hands, which makes the work of the lid opener balanced when the lid starts to open.


    Item Type: Bottle Opener
    Material: ABS
    Dimensions: 19.2 x 9 x 1.7 cm
    Weight: 80 g


    1 x Unique Bottle Opener

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