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Puzzle Roll Mat Review, Features ,pros & cons

puzzle roll features & video review (Link to buy Below For The best price)

Unfinished puzzles are stored perfectly for the next time. To further protect your puzzles from shifting or collapsing.
Perfect for storing jigsaw puzzle! Large Capacity to hold a maximum of 1500 pieces. 46 x 26 in mega-size fits all puzzles & anti-leaking features help you to keep it perfectly without mess!!

Why you have to buy puzzle roll Mat ?

We really don’t have a specific reason to let you buy this product but if you are a puzzle lover you will understand how important is to have a product like this. Hit The button below to  get yours now.

How to use puzzle roll Mat :

Just spread and flatten the felt mat on a smooth and level surface, then you can start your puzzle game. If you want to pause and save the unfinished game for the next time, place the inflated tube at either end of the mat, roll up the mat by applying even pressure, and then fasten both ends with the elastic bands

puzzle roll Mat full Review

product_name Pros or advantages.

1 – LARGE CAPACITY. Measuring 46 × 26in and holding up to 1,500 pieces, non-slip felt mat ensures every jigsaw puzzle stays put without any creases. The felt is in black color and makes it easy for you to distinguish between the colorful puzzles, giving you just tons of fun!
2 – UNIQUE ANTI-LEAKING DESIGN. Our tube is specially designed with an anti-leaking slit which allows it to last longer than other tubes in the market when inflated. Please squeeze the valve with your fingers to open the slit and blow air to inflate the tube
3 – BANDS INCLUDED. An inflatable tube is enclosed to make sure your unfinished puzzles are stored perfectly for the next time. To further protect your puzzles from shifting, two elastic bands are enclosed to fasten both ends of the roll

product_name Cons or inconveniences.

No Cons at all , If you find one please let us know below in the comment.

product_nameSpecifics or Features.

  • Colour: Black 
  • Size: 46inch x 26 inch
  • Weight: 300g

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