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THE DANGERS and how to FIND Casual Sex ONLINE!

Everybody that is looking for casual sex needs to read this article to make sure you are doing it right and finding what you are really after. We all have different sexual needs and wants and there is nothing better than when the stars line up in our favor and we meet someone that shares our fantasies or at least will play a role in making our fantasies come true. Here are some of the things you have to know about finding this kind of thing online.


you have to avoid the free sites like craigslist for two specific reasons. First, there are many prostitutes on craigslist and similar sites, which has sparked many cops to pose as these prostitutes to arrest men and women that attempt to use them. This would be embarrassing, expensive, and not necessary. Two, there are also boys and girls that are not 18 that post on here and if you get caught with one of them you are going to be in huge trouble.


when it comes to casual sex and finding it online you have to use a website that charges a membership fee so that you know the people you are interested are serious and of age. This weeds out many of those that are not serious, you will not have to deal with any cops or prostitutes on these sites, and you will not have to worry about the age of the person you are after because they will be at least 18. This is a great way to find casual sex if that is what you are after.


you need to create an honest and detailed profile that specifically states what you are looking for, what you are willing to do, and what you look like. Do not lie about your body or anything else because this will catch up to you later and that will just ruin the relationship you are looking for. You also need at the very minimum of two pictures and one needs to be a full body shot. These do not have to be nude pictures, but that does not hurt.

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