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Things to Know About Horses before owning a horse

The largest of horses will weigh about 2,300 pounds.
While a Shetland pony will only weight about 300 pounds.
The height of horses is measured in hands.

A hand is four inches.

Horses are measured from the ground to the highest point of their withers, which is the ridge between the shoulder blades.
A horse which stands 61 inches tall is 15 hands and one inch tall.
This is usually written 15-1.
The tallest of horses is about five feet and eight inches high.
The normal height of a Shetland pony only stands a little over three feet.
You can give an educated guess how tall a horse will grow by placing one end of your belt on his elbow with the other end of your belt on his fetlock.
Now, hold the end of your belt snug on his elbow while you spin your belt from the fetlock up towards the withers.
If you come up with a little left over above the horse’s withers, then he has a little more to grow.
If your belt comes out the same height when he’s at his adult height.
Which means if the horse is two to three years old, then he’s normally as tall as he’s going to grow? Usually, a horse has 18 pairs of ribs however, some will have 19.
The body of the horse is covered with a thick coat of hair that will shed once a year.
Horse’s coats grow long and shaggy in the winter time but are smooth in the summer.

The horse can wiggle its skin easily.

Thus a horse can disturb any flies annoying him.
His long tail can be swished from side to side that can also disturb flies away as well.
The horse head is quite long with a mane or crest of long hair on the back of its neck.
The male horse has forty teeth while the female comes with thirty-six.
  A horse can bite grass very close to the ground when he eats.
A cow cannot do this.

It’s possible to tell the age of a horse by the appearance of his teeth.
There is a gap in the horse’s teeth between the sharp front incisors and the rear teeth.
The bit of a bridle is placed across this gap to control a horse, from a rider.

When the horse eats oats or hay it gathers its food with its lips.
As you can see there are many parts of a horse that is not much different than you or me! Many horses are thought of as just another family member as your pet kitty cat or dog.

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