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how entrepreneurs get rich fast and employee don’t – tips to be a successful entrepreneur

If we take the idea of compounding and apply it to our business start-ups, we can work our way up to bigger and better business ideas.
The concept is to start small with one or two business ideas that take little or no investment.

Then, just as you would increase the size of investments in the stock market, you will invest in a larger business plan or idea.
So, here is one of the tips Entrepreneurs use to get rich fast from a small to large business.
It is a simple business idea you can get started on right away: Business Clipping Service With this business, your goal is to keep other businesses up to date on their competitor’s advertising.
You save them time and give them the information they need to stay competitive.

This is a no brainer.

You charge a company $50 a month to send them a weekly collection of advertisements that you discover from a particular list of advertising sources – newspaper, internet, flyers, magazines, etc.
You will need a solid sized client base in order to make a dent in your bank account, but with a good sales pitch or sales letter and because of your low cost, you can add 100 business’s to your list in no time.
This will generate about $5,000 per month and you are not limited to the number of clients that you can add to your list.
Your investments will include a fax or scanner so that you can get the ads over to your clients.
You can even use a photo or video set up to save you time and money while

improving the quality of service.

You can add an additional service by doing a review of advertising by other companies that dates back over the years.
This will tell you what ads have worked and what have not.
If for example, you pick up a stack of magazines (at a garage sale, on e-bay, etc) that go back 5 years, you can see what ads were started and remained for the duration of those 5 years.

An ad that works, is likely to repeat itself.

When you have stockpiled enough money from this business, you can invest in a bigger business or add another business to your list.
You can also invest in another advertising business and slowly begin to build a company that handles various advertising needs of a client by having a combination of services that you have mastered along the way.

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