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Plastic Bag Holder

Plastic Bag Holder

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Plastic Bag Holder

The plastic bag holder is an ideal solution for grocery bags. The hanging design allows you to hang it on hooks, walls, cabinets, and cabinet doors. Not only can be used to store plastic bags for recycling or for other purpose. With cylindrical figure, you can take full advantage of vertical space, put the plastic bag into the dispenser on the top and extract from the bottom

Wear-resistant and durable: Made of high-quality polyester mesh cloth, durable and reusable, reducing waste. The high-quality polyester mesh fabric is durable and can be reused to reduce waste. With a small opening at the bottom, it is convenient to take the plastic bag inside. Easy to hang, can be used to store plastic bags or for other purposes.

Multi-purpose: Used to store reusable plastic bags, and can even hold vegetables such as tomatoes or potatoes for shopping and other purposes.


Item Type: Plastic Bag Holder
Material: Polyester Mesh Cloth
Color: Black, White, Yellow
Size: 38.5 x 11.5 cm
Weight: 41g

Package Includes:
1 x Plastic Bag Holder

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