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Toilet Seat Cover

Toilet Seat Cover

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Toilet Seat Cover

Are you worried about the cold toilet surface?

Going to the washroom is a non-skippable task but on cold days it's very hard to sit on the cold seat of the toilet every morning. We Have designed this seat cover to provide comfort on cold days.

This clothing toilet seat cover will give a warm feeling when you sit on it. Suitable for all kinds of people. It's Soft, sanitary, and luxurious making it a nice gift.

Especially the older people It's very hard to sit on the cold seat so this is the best product for parents also. Give your parents and children the comfort they deserve.

 Untold benefits

  • Made up of soft clothes
  • Easy to install¬†
  • Suitable for standard bathroom
  • Washable
  • Fits most round toilet seats.¬†

How to install: Place the cover with the ring facing the underside of the toilet seat, pull the cover through the hole, then stretch the cover over the toilet seat. 

By using this toilet seat cover the feeling of freezing and discomfort from the cold toilet seat is reduced, and It's an essential product for family life.


Item Type: Toilet Seat Cover
Materials: Acrylic Fiber
Color: Pink, Blue, Green, Gray, Brown, Beige
Size: 30cm (Diameter)
Weight: 70g


1 x Toilet Seat Cover

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