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Weekly Pill Organizer

Weekly Pill Organizer

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Weekly Pill Organizer

Rotating Pill Organizer

Organizing your pills has never been easier. You can organize your pills with this 7-day organizer. 

7 Day Weekly Portable Pill Box Container Medicine Splitters Holder Pill Case Box Organizer.


  • Made of PP, safe and reliable.
  • Sealed and moisture-proof, protect the pills inside.
  • Rotatable design, convenient to take out the pills.
  • With the button on the top, easy to operate.
  • A perfect gift for your friends and the elder.
  • A good companion on your trip.

Usage method:

  1.  Gently open the clasp at the vitamin outlet. Separate the transparent cover from the medicine box.
  2. Put the pill classification in the white compartment, Install the transparent cover back.
  3. Press the white button in the center of the pill box. The compartment will turn. Then pour out the pill.
  4. Keep in a dry and ventilated place to prevent the vitamins from getting damp or even oxidizing.


Item Type: Pill Organizer
Material: Plastic
Color: Green, Orange, Pink
Weight: 54g
Dimensions: 9x2.5 cm

Package Includes:

1 x Weekly Pill Organizer

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