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Ceramic Tile Gap Tape

Ceramic Tile Gap Tape

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Ceramic Tile Gap Tape

Ceramic Tile Mildewproof Gap Tape is made from a purely natural material, each tape is crafted by our artists.

  • Self-adhesive sticks well on any smooth clean surface over old tile, ceramic, glass, metal, smooth painted wall, or varnished wood; waterproof stickers are used for a gap of any tiles.
  • Decorate the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, office, dining room, party, wedding, Halloween, Christmas, etc.
  • These small tile decals will make your life more colorful. It can be used for any flat and smooth surface.
  • Ceramic Tile Mildewproof Gap Tape can be installed on most well-formed substrates if the walls are clean, smooth, dry, and free of dust, soap, grease, acceptable drywall, clean and smooth tiles.


Item Type: Gap Tape
Material: PVC
Color: White, Silver, Gold, Black, Rose, Colourful Silver
Size: 6m/roll, Width: 8mm


    1 x Ceramic Tile Gap Tape
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